Meet Ray Christopher

One day you’re doing your best friend’s hair, and the next thing you know, Prince is sitting in your chair. These kinds of experiences don’t just happen for anybody. Luckily, Ray Christopher isn’t just anybody.

Ray Christopher has been making his mark in the beauty and entertainment industry for 13 years. Being raised around family in the hair industry, Ray embraced his creativity and natural knack for styling.

Ray enrolled into Bellflower Cosmetology School at a mere age of 17 years old. With the help of his mentor Kim Berry, he landed his first celebrity gig with Prince on his Crimson and Clover video, after only two weeks of being in school. During his time at Bellflower, he also assisted on video sets for celebrities such as Ne-Yo and Keyshia Cole. It wouldn’t be long until he’d be booking clients on his own after being highly recommended. During his professional tenure, Ray has also had the opportunity to work with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Zendaya, Kelly Rowland, Quincy Jones, Monica, Eniko Hart, LaLa Anthony and Niecy Nash, just to name a few. He currently styles host of E! News, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton.

His work with Adrienne on daytime talk show “The Real" earned him three Emmy nominations, two of which he's won.

Winning a Guild Award and being a two-time Emmy Winning Hairstylist prove to be great lifetime achievements, but Ray finds the greatest reward in doing what he loves with people he admires. To him, the experience is the prize. Traveling across the world to help others look and feel better about themselves is the most satisfying part of his job. Ray is called to create.

His commitment to cultivate his craft continues to take him to the next level of designing beautiful hair styles and will soon make him a household name. Who knew that a last-minute cry for help from his best friend would turn into such a remarkable journey. We introduce you to the Ray Christopher Collection.